Friday, December 30, 2011

How to do a Foundation Double Crochet Stitch!

So I bought a pattern a while back and it taught me how to do a Foundation Double Crochet Stitch!  I was AMAZED!  I have been crocheting for about 22 years and had never heard about this stitch!  I have been trying to integrate this stitch into the patterns that I have been working on creating!  I think it is an amazing idea!  Not only does it remove that bunched up bottom of the project where the chain is, it also eliminates making two separate rows and creates them all in one!

It is AWESOME!!  Seriously amazing!  I know I am a dork but I am totally excited about this! <3

Basically what you do is create a chain stitch at the beginning of each stitch... I know that sounds confusing, but let me lay it out in words AND photographs!

 So here is step 1, chain 3 - Pretty easy so far, right?!?

Step 2 - yo, slip hook into 1st chain, yo and pull through!

Step 3 - Chain 1

Step 4 - Yo, pull through 2 loops

Step 5 - Yo, pull through last two remaining loops
Are you still with me?  At this point you have made your VERY FIRST FDC stitch! <3  Great job!
Now I will show how to attach the next... Once you have this down I am telling you that you will LOVE doing it!

Second Stitch - Yo, insert hook into the chain that you
created when you made the first stitch, yo, pull through!

And now you are going to finish it up just like a double
crochet, yo, and pull through the first two loops on the hook!
Now you will have this, next you yo, and pull
through the last two loops on the hook!

 That is it!  You can do it with ANY of the regular stitches!  I have found that working with a single crochet you start with a chain 2, half double crochet would depend on how tall your stitches are, I generally use the same 2 start chain that I would for the single crochet!

Please let me know what you think! <3

I am excited to see what you have created with the foundation stitches!