Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3-6 Month Sack Hat with Pom-Pom Crochet Pattern

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Pattern By: Teri Diamond for Diamond Crochet & Crafts © 2011

 Abbreviations Used:
CH – Chain
DC – Double Crochet
FDC – Foundation Double Crochet
FPDC – Front Post Double Crochet
BPDC – Back Post Double Crochet
SL ST – Slip Stitch
YO – Yarn Over
ST – Stitch
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Materials Needed:
Worsted Weight Yarn – I used Red Heart Super Saver for the sample
     I Hook (5.5)
     Yarn Needle
Size: 15 - 17”
Baby – Medium (approximately 3-6 month size)
Gauge: 10 dc = 3 inches
Hat is worked from the brim to the top 

Special Stitch Instruction:
   *BPDC – Yo, insert hook around the post of the stitch below from the BACK side, yo, pull through and complete as a regular double crochet stitch.

     *FPDC - Yo, insert hook around the post of the stitch below from the FRONT side, yo, pull through and complete as a regular double crochet stitch.

      *Beginning FDC – (Foundation Double Crochet) – Ch 3, yo, insert hook in 1st ch, yo, pull through, ch 1, pull through first two loops, yo, pull through remaining 2 loops on hook.

      *FDC – (Foundation Double Crochet) – yo, insert hook into the ch 1 space in the Beginning FDC, yo, pull through, ch 1, yo, pull through first loops, yo, pull through the remaining 2 loops on hook.

Beginning round is created using the FDC stitches, this allows for more stretch than the conventional chain and double crochet beginning.
End round 1.

Rnd 1 – Using the above instructions make one beginning fdc stitch and 47 fdc stitches.  You will need to have a total of 48 stitches.  Sl st into the top ch of the beg ch 3, ch 2, do not turn.

{There will be a gap on the bottom when you connect, you will take the beginning tail and attach and weave in at the end}

Beginning round 2.
End round 2.
Rnd 2 - *fpdc on next st, bpdc on next st* repeat from * to * around, fpdc on the last st., sl st in top of ch 2 st, ch 2, do not turn.

Completed brim - After the first 3
Rnd 3 – Repeat round 2

Rnds 4- 10 – Dc in same st as sl st, dc in each st around, sl st to 1st dc {Not CH}, ch 2, do not turn.

Beginning of Round 4.
{Ch 2 no longer counts as 1st stich; this creates fewer gaps in the hat body}

Rnd 11 - Dc in same st as sl st, dc in each st around, sl st to 1st dc {Not CH}, ch 1.
The beginning of the closing row.

Closing Row – Hold hat flat {You will be working through two stitches at the same time while closing the top} sl st across.  Tie off.  Weave in ends.

Pom-Poms: *You can check out my tutorial HERE*
The end of the closing row.
I am not a huge fan of large and extremely full pom-poms, I prefer the floppy pom-poms, you may use whatever type of pom-pom you are comfortable with.  I use a 3x 5 index card to make most of my pom-poms, for these I used the longer side.  I wrapped the yarn around approximately 30 times (30 rounds) and then I clipped a string of matching yarn, pulled my neat little circle off of my index card and tied a simple knot around the center, once the knot is tight and the pieces are secure I cut the loops and hold them to trim for even pom-poms.  I then pull the strings of the knot through the top corners and tie them off on the inside and weave the ends in on the inside of the hat.

Don’t forget to close that gap on the first row and weave the end in as well!

We have other sizes of this particular pattern available at Ravelry and on our facebook page.  We offer them in PDF and in print mailed to you!



  1. I have just made this hat and I loved it! This foundation is new for me too! Thank you very much!

  2. Ivonne, I am so glad that you loved it! I absolutely fell in love with it too! A friend of mine had asked if I could make one for her sons 3 month pictures and I loved it so much I made all of the other sizes too! I have sent some out to the photographer to be shot professionally and am so excited to get them back! I LOVE that foundation double crochet and you will be seeing that in more of my patterns, that is for sure!
    <3 Teri

    1. I must be missing something. How do you do the FDC without a chain space?
      Please advise. Yes I am a beginner

  3. Im so loving this hat. I donate to shelters/hospital unwed mothers. churches. I can get many of these made with mittens to match?? Do you have a quick pattern?? I love your blog, got you down for weekly check in. Thank you so much

    1. I do make them as well but I do not have a mitten pattern just yet :/ I am definitely going to be working on one though! <3

  4. How may I get the other sizes patterns of this as I love love love it

    1. You can get them at this link > which you may have to copy and paste... It is listed at the top of the page where it tells you that you can get all 4 sizes ;)

      You can also get it in my etsy shop by following this link >

  5. i love this hat! Thank you for the pattern. You and I have the same taste in yarn. I made a dress set with the same color. I've attached the picture. I don't know if you could open it.

    1. I copied and pasted! That is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing! I have made a few other hats in that same yarn... I just have to get the time to write out the patterns, I have 3 more hat patterns that just need to make it from completed projects to blog entries! <3

  6. I tried to copy and paste to get the other size patterns but that didn't work. What to try next?

    1. You can just click on the links and it will take you to Ravelry <3

  7. This is adorable and I also do a lot of charity crochet, so I think this will be a nice quick hat for that. I decided to go to Ravelry and purchase your newborn size, as whenever possible I try to buy patterns on Ravelry and help support the artisans!
    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the adorable pattern!

  8. Hi I am a photographer but not able to crochet, was wondering if anyone would be interested in giving me a discount on the price of the hat (0-3 months) in exchange for professionally done images of the hat. I would appreciate any offers/comment. My work can be seen here: , oh I am based in London UK. Many thanks, Anton

  9. Love this! First time making it and success!