Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinterest... New Addiction?!?

So... I have been introduced to this new website called Pinterest... As if the name is not interesting enough... I have been on there for a couple of days and am COMPLETELY HOOKED!!  lol... It is the absolute neatest thing in the entire world!  I love how it allows you to take pictures from just about anywhere and share them...

It is almost like a social network of just pictures with little comments and links ;)  I think it is a great way for crafters to show off their work and even to locate some new inspiration!  When you "pin" something (I am so addicted that I have a "Pin It" button on my Chrome toolbar and can pin freely!) it appears under your "Board" and you share it with others, they can "Repin" if they like the item and then it will be shared with their friends as well... And on and on your pin tumbles! ;)

Freakin Awesome!

I have been posting the stuff that I have listed on Ravelry and some from Etsy... The only down side that I have seen is that you CANNOT pin from facebook... Sadly that is where most of my pictures are located!  lol

Guess I have to work up a gallery on here, or maybe just finish the one that I started on my web page! haha

Anyhow off to check on my pins... You can check them out too... Just click HERE!

<3  Happy Crafting on this COOOLLLLDDD day in New England!


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