Sunday, January 1, 2012

First pattern is DONE!!!

I did it!!  My very first pattern has been written, tested, edited, and is now DONE and ready to go!!  I have totally completed the toddler size and am ALMOST done with the baby size!

I have also been working on our website... It is a work in progress!!  I am planning on doing a few more tutorials over the next few days too!

Here is the 6 month version of it!  I am SO excited!  So much so that I am willing to send YOU a free copy just for reading my blog!!  I will offer this until Jan 31, 2012 or until 20 people respond - whichever comes first... Just leave your email in a comment or contact me via the contact tab on facebook!  Don't forget to mention that you read about the FREE offer on the blog!


Thanks for always reading my blah blah blah!



  1. Hi Teri, just came along your blog and was reading your posts. I was wondering if you can email me a copy of your free pattern, its adorable! :-)
    Thank you

    1. Hi! Here is the link for the free pattern, I don't have it on this computer...

      <3 Teri