Friday, January 20, 2012

Writing MORE Patterns!!

Soooo... Apparently Saturday is the designated day for FREE CROCHET PATTERNS to hit the blog!  ;)

I am working on putting the marvelous Basket Weave Hat Pattern into blogable format so that you guys get it tomorrow! <3

I have to say I really am enjoying making new patterns almost as much as I enjoy crocheting itself!  I am working on crocheting a Basket Weave E-Reader Case for my Pandigital Nova, but I am also going to add for the Kindle Fire and IPad2!  That should be ready to go NEXT WEEK!!

I hope you enjoy getting a free shot at our patterns BEFORE they hit the sales rack!  Just remember that if you contact me I can always send you a full color print copy via snail mail for an additional $1.50!  I am almost like Burger King... Giving it to you, your way... haha well ALMOST your way!  lol

Anyhow I hope that you are all enjoying the weather where you are!  This is what it looks like from my laptop camera looking out my front living room window!

SNOW SNOW SNOW... Oh yeah and my plants!

Snow, snow, snow... In every direction you look, every where you go!  LOTS OF SNOW!!  Oh and in the forecast: Three MORE minor snow storms this upcoming week - they start TOMORROW!!!  You know three minor totally equals at least one and a half majors, right?!?  Because I totally know that one!!

Anyhow... Until Tomorrow!

Happy Crafting!



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