So I have read a LOT lately about copyright and terms of use (TOU) and here are mine!

This work is mine and original to the absolute best of my knowledge!  I did not intentionally take any piece of any of my work from any piece of someone elses.  Please keep in mind that there are only a number of common stitches, those I did not create, I created the way to put these particular ones into these particular items.

Terms Of Use (TOU):
You have explicit right to use my pattern and create the item that is shown.  Feel free to sell ANY items that you make from these patterns!  I am not specific about where you sell them or how... If you would like to you can link back to me (it would be appreciated but is not necessary, we also LOVE pictures of completed projects to be posted on our facebook or emailed to us - hint hint!) you do NOT have to link back to me if you do not want to, no biggie.

Honestly, as far as I can tell no one can tell you what to do with an item that you created from their pattern - not sure how true it is but that is what I have read in a LOT of places.  Now onto the please Don'ts!

Please do NOT resell my pattern, I created it, formatted it, had it tested, and have a family to support.  If you would like to be a person/place that sells my patterns please contact me about this!

Please do NOT distribute my pattern, again I did all of the work... It would be nice to not have you go ahead and tarnish it.

Please do NOT post my pattern in a blog or other format... Just because I have it listed for free, does not mean that it is free for you to do with what you choose... You CAN however link to my pattern from where ever you would like! <3

I know that these sound a bit harsh (so not the intention, I am blogging prior to my morning caffeine - Yes, I know that can be dangerous!) but I think it outlines what I think is fair for all crafters out there!

Oh yeah and if you are interested in trading/swapping buttons feel free to grab my code from the right side of the page and email me yours!  I LOVE when small businesses or crafters help each other... I totally feel that it is the only way that we will survive the big box stores! ;)

Happy Crafting!


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