Monday, February 13, 2012

Next Pattern... Hmmmm

So I have been playing with patterns and am totally stuck between these two beanie hats for the next pattern!

Butterfly Kisses Beanie
Both a relatively simple and work up super fast with little yarn usage so they are great for leftovers!

Breast Feeding Boob Beanie
Let me know what YOU want to see!  You post the pattern name that YOU would like posted for FREE and I will post the hat with the MOST VOTES tomorrow night!

Happy Crafting!
<3 Teri


  1. I vote for the boobie hat just because it makes me laugh!

  2. I vote for the Boobie hat because I know 3 Boob babbies and 2 more to come would make an awesome gift

  3. I was surprised that the Boob Baby Beanie was so desired! I will be writing it up and taking pix along the way today! <3