Monday, March 5, 2012

Basic Beanies = A World Of Opportunity!

Super EXCITED this week!  We are focusing on different beanies that can be created using the simple beanie increase base... Basically you would start these hats out EXACTLY the same way as any other hat and then you wind up with a LOVELY textured side!  The ones that we have done up so far today all start out with a half double crochet beanie base!

I got so excited that I lost my camera in my confusion of yarn! lol... I will DEFINITELY be posting some more pictures this evening!  I am so in love with this idea!  AND we are working on some different "flower" ideas, although some are more adornments than flowers!

What is on your plate this week?  Do you have anything new on the horizon?  Are you crafting your heart out to deal with life's stresses?  (Oh wait that is me this week! ;)

Until later...

<3 Happy Crafting!


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