Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh the Photography Props!

So I have now received shots from two photographers displaying a few of our items! I have to tell you it is really exciting! Like waaaay more exciting than I thought it would be! I honestly NEVER imagined that I would be so tickled pink over seeing my creations, my work in use! It is kinda invigorating! I really wish that I had the talent that these amazing people have because honestly the garage would be transformed into a complete photography studio! ;) Oh yeah! But, alas, I do NOT have that talent! I can totally handle the kiddos like my girls who pose without any push... Sheesh if all kiddos were like that I could totally be an amazing point and shoot photographer! haha...

Anyhow I told you that I was going to share... I know its kinda creepy BUT I have totally started myself a little photo album of these shots! Not only are they amazing shots, BUT I am so proud that my little hobby, my baby, has even come this far! Its hard to explain, but I am pretty sure that I will also have this feeling when my first child graduates or something like that! lol

The pouch is my pattern and is available on the blog, the headband was from a pattern that I purchased (you can get one here) and am able to make for sale... ;)  hint hint ;)

These shots are from a great photographer in North Carolina, if you are in that area I would DEFINITELY suggest you hit her up for some awesome shots of your little kiddos!  Check out Ashley Paige Photography on Facebook!

Anyhow I am working on something that one the of the photographers mentioned to me and REALLY need to stop blah blah blahing about it and just DO it already! <3

I will definitely be posting some new pix and patterns soon!  I have honestly just been going nuts with the crazy weather changes we have had in New England and I feel like my allergies are on a roller coaster!  I think that if this winter is any indication then we are in for a H-O-T summer ahead!

Well I am off to be crafty! ;)

Until next time...

Happy Crafting!

<3 Teri

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